((ok I'm back to lokane everyone happy now cause i am sobbing)) 
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if i lay here

if i just lay here

would you lie with me and marathon the extended edition lord of the rings trilogy

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"Who is he who will lend to Allah a goodly loan so that He may multiply it to him many times?" (Holy Qur’an 2:245)

A convert sister and friend of mine has been kicked out of her home by her family, who has now also denied to pay her tuition. Please follow this link to give what you can! You will surely be rewarded, iA. Along with your help, please make as much dua as you can!


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Man that movie was my favorite

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hey guys, i know a lot of people have shared the suicide prevention lifeline number which is really great, but i wanted to remind everyone of this website that does the same, except it’s online. i’m sure there are people who might be more comfortable asking for help this way.

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hey you guys!! obviously there’s some upsetting news going around, and it might be a little difficult to be online right now for some of you. 

here is a masterpost of resources to distract or cheer yourself up. if you are at all triggered by this news, taking care of yourself should take first priority to participating in the worldwide outpouring of grief. 

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Robin williams was literally my damn childhood this isnt happening what the hell

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Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.


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Dying of cuteness

Oh goodness!

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I loved Guardians of the Galaxy, but I also left it going “gee, I really liked that new Farscape movie.”  You know, that story where these escaped alien prisoners who don’t trust each other and can be total assholes end up becoming dear friends who save everyone.  It’s a similar gimmick of making your protagonists really informal and mocking the genre a bit.  Even the lineup is similar: one of the team is a wise-cracking human who likes to make references, another is an ex-soldier who is trying to realize her new path.  They even seem to be going for a romance there, so.  There is the warrior who lost his wife and child but has some anger issues, and the somewhat-unsavory, resembles-an-earth-animal one.  …And…uh…the…plant…people? 

Seriously though, apologies to Zhaan and Groot for the somewhat simplistic comparison of their characters, I couldn’t think of anything better.  I considered Moya (because Rocket sort of “lives” on Groot and because of a spoilery scene near the end of the film) but I think this is slightly less ridiculous and there isn’t any good quality copy of that ridiculous scene yet.

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I think the Ancients created legos.